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NT Organisation Grant 2019-2020

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1. Applications may be made on behalf of an organisation within NT that caters for special needs or disadvantaged children, up to and including the age of 18.

2. Three quotes must be attached for each item requested. The quotes must be less than three months old and include freight charges, if applicable. Items quoted should be new and have full warranty (if applicable) and after sales service included. When all other things are equal, Variety will consider  approving the cheaper of the quotes presented. The three quote rule can be varied where there is only one supplier. Variety reserves the right to use preferred suppliers.

3. Once a grant is approved:

a. Successful applicants cannot reapply for a grant within the same program, Freedom, Future or Care (see Variety website) for a fixed period of 12 month.

b. Variety's preferred payment is on invoice, with payment made directly to the supplier. Where this is not possible, reimbursements may be made to the family for approved purchases, on receipt of original receipts.

c. When the equipment is delivered, the ownership is transferred directly from the supplier to the organisation.

d. The money granted by Variety cannot be transferred to another piece of equipment, without the prior consent of the Kids Support Committee. If the item granted is no longer suitable or required, prior to the item being purchased, the grant will be cancelled. A new application may be submitted immediately.

4. The following types of applications will NOT be considered:

a. Equipment requiring ongoing funding, such as repairs or maintenance of equipment.

b. Salaries or administration expenses

c. Therapy and rehabilitation

d. Research

e. Carer’s expenses at the discretion of Variety NT

f. Capital works

g. General and cash donations

h. Travel expenses

i. Retrospective funding