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SA Individual Application

Submissions are now being accepted.

VEHICLE applications are closed until further notice

Scholarships open 1 July 2020 and close 30 November 2020. Apply here 

For all other applications for an individual child, please continue

Variety's Grants Program provides funding for children and their families for things like wheelchairs, specialist equipment, therapy and supplies, when they can't afford it and when government assistance isn't available. 

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IMPORTANT: Please read information below to assist you in completing your application online.


You may begin anywhere in this application form. Please ensure you save as you go.  For queries about the guidelines, deadlines, or questions in the form, please contact us on 08 8293 8744 during business hours or email and quote your application number.  If you need more help using this form, download the Help Guide for Applicants or check out Applicant Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


On every screen (page of the form) you will find a Form Navigation contents box, this links directly to every page of the application. Click the link to jump directly to the page you want.  You can also click 'next page' or 'previous page' on the top or bottom of each page to move forward or backward through the application.


If you wish to leave a partially completed application, press 'save' and log out. When you log back in and click on the 'My Submissions' link at the top of the screen, you will find a list of any applications you have started or submitted. You can reopen your draft application and start where you left off.  You can also download any application, whether draft or completed, as a PDF. Click on the 'Download' button located at the bottom of the last page of the application form.


You will find a Review and Submit button at the bottom of the Navigation Panel. You need to review your application before you can submit it.  Once you have reviewed your application you can submit it by clicking on 'Submit' at the top of the screen or on the navigation panel. You will not be able to submit your application until all the compulsory questions are completed.  Once you have submitted your application, no further editing or uploading of support materials is possible.

When you submit your application, you will receive an automated confirmation email with a copy of your submitted application attached. This will be sent to the email you used to register.

If you do not receive a confirmation of submission email then your submission has NOT been submitted


You will need to upload/submit attachments to support your application. This is very simple, but requires you to have the documents saved on your computer, or on a storage device.  You need to allow enough time for each file to upload before trying to attach another file. Files can be up to 25MB each; however, we do recommend trying to keep files to a maximum of 5MB – the larger the file, the longer the upload time.


A number of people can work on an application using the same log in details as long as only one person is working at a time. Ensure you save as you go.